bbq throwdown KONG VS New market hotel

Posted: 10 February 2015

In this fiery cook off, Newmarket Hotel challenges Kong BBQ to throw down their finest fare… if they dare.

This battle of the barbeques includes three round of competitive cooking; a smokin’ hot clash of the tongs to determine who is Melbourne’s ultimate Pitmaster.

Will Kong be king? Or will Newmarket SoCal-cify the competition?

Two BBQ Bosses: Newmarket Hotel vs Kong BBQ.
Three rounds: Babe, Bones, Bay.
One winner.

June 2014: Newmakret Hotel def. San Telmo 2-1
October 2014: Fancy Hank’s BBQ def. Newmarket Hotel 2-1
February 2015: YOU DECIDE

Sunday 15th February, 12pm. $85 | Includes 6 dishes, James Squire beer + Mitchelton and Untapped Fine Wines. Assemble your crew and phone (03) 9537 177.